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Daily doses of outdoor are ever more essential to children now as we adopt the new norm of Covid-19 endemic phase.

Find out more on how your child can benefit from our outdoor classroom and take advantage of the free one-week trial class.

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Started operation since 2013, Naturekids is a nature-inspired preschool where children will discover the amazing life and resources on earth, understand the inter-dependency of our lives with nature and engage in actions to care for Mother Earth.
In our nature-inspired learning program, students will make connections across disciplines (Literacy, numeracy, art, nature, and science) while exploring the world we live in.

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No. 1, Jalan Beluntas, Medan Damansara,
Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur


Fostering creativity through our play-based curriculum

At Naturekids, we recognize that purposeful, engaging play is an important vehicle for children’s learning. It establishes the foundation for future success in education. 

Aligning to our biome-themed curriculum where children get to meet their skill development milestones while learning about the world, we ensure that the children’s activities are designed to allow for, facilitate, and appreciate our children’s creative self-led endeavors, and fully celebrate them as the one-of-a-kinds that they are. 

Children are given many opportunities to unleash their imagination through activities such as sensory play, arts & crafts, drama play, music & movement, and imaginative play during our Group activity. Children are encouraged to be the author of their own stories and produce their own digital books using our Book Club tools and facility.

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Our Creative Teaching Team

Nurturing children’s creativity is the cornerstone of our teaching philosophy. Creativity can only be fostered when children are encouraged to believe in their capabilities and provide them with endless possibilities and opportunities to create.

Governed by our philosophy and curriculum framework, we are privileged to have a team of creative teachers motivated to nurture children’s creativity with projects and activities that develop their skills, imagination, and capabilities.

Our Fun Outdoor Classroom

With our specially designed outdoor sections, children are able to enjoy their lessons/activities in the outdoor setting. 

Lessons/activities planned for outdoor setting not only provide more space and fun to the children but is the safer choice to reduce the risk of transmitting air-borne germs.

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Our Inspiring Nature Program

At Naturekids, we care a great deal about the current and future state of mother earth and adopt sustainable living practices to reduce our ecological footprint on the earth. The very definition of sustainability compels us to live within the means of the planet so that future generations can also meet their needs. 

In our nature-inspired learning program, students will make connections across disciplines (Literacy, numeracy, art, nature, and science) while exploring the world we live in. As part of our Earth Steward program for our senior students, we have designed activities, experiments, and observations for their awareness and deeper understanding of ecosystems and the impact of climate change on our home planet.

Flexible Enrolment Options

To ease children’s separation anxieties and to get acclimatized to the school routines and the social and emotional transition, we have provided parents with flexible enrolment options of 3 to 5 school sessions in a week. 

Parents will be able to flexibly increase the children’s school sessions as soon as the children start to enjoy coming to school. We also provide short-term enrolment for those who wants to join our school less than a term.

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We are a nature-inspired preschool and a true advocate to “Natural Learning” with educating “the whole child” at the core of our teaching principles. 

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