About Us


We are a preschool where childhood is celebrated and treasured, conceived in 2010 and started operation in April 2013.

As a school for early childhood, we take our role as caregivers and educators to your child very seriously ensuring that we leave positive imprints on your child’s life and help your child become the best version of him or herself.

Our priority is to give what is best for the children to develop a strong foundation that will help them excel in their lifelong learning.

School Mission

To provide a trusted platform for children to build a strong foundation for compassion, honesty, respect, creativity, tolerance, self-confidence and enthusiasm for learning.

Our Objectives

Provide a safe & nurturing environment for children to explore, discover & learn
Motivate children to find joy in discovering, learning & inventing.
Develop children’s connection to nature and love for mother earth
Develop children’s social and emotional competency & learn to become the best version of themselves

Our Teaching Philosophy
The fundamentals behind our teaching philosophy

Experiences build brain architecture

Children are curious beings, always wanting to touch, taste, smell and feel things that are around them. By letting them be children, they are exposed to multiple sensory experiences that send signals to their brain, firing millions of neurotransmitters to build these connections and keep “the wires” alive and strong.

Children need our help to stimulate their brain enough to keep those “wires” alive and strong, else these “wires” will just “prune away”, much like pruning dead or weak branches of a tree.

At Naturekids, it is our priority to ensure that our students are given the opportunity for optimal brain development that will enhance their learning capability later in life.

The critical intervention point in children’s brain development

Our Teaching Philosophies

We believe that by removing the academic pressure and allowing children to enjoy simple things such as movement, music, sensory play, engaging with nature and free play, we are providing children with brain stimulating activities that is critical to keep these “brain wires” alive and lay the foundation for future intellectual capacity, memory, problem solving, language and even motor capacity.

We believe in providing children with varieties of medium, materials, tools and the confidence to use them for their creative expression and means of communication.
We believe in the power of imagination and nurturing children’s creativity by providing them with opportunities and stimulating environment that will encourage them to reach out to their imagination.

We believe in the power of natural learning by turning teacher-led lessons into fun games, role play and discoveries for children to learn organically and to be enthusiastic about learning.

We believe the importance of providing children with nurturing environment for children to feel safe to develop their self-esteem, self-regulating skills, social skills and belief in themselves.

We believe that the most valuable experience for a child to have is to experience compassion and kindness, hence our efforts to organize purposeful and meaningful projects for the children.


We are a nature-inspired preschool and a true advocate to “Natural Learning” with educating “the whole child” at the core of our teaching principles. 

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