our Health & Safety Practices

secured automatic gate with CCTV camera

All entrances and exits are equipped with CCTV cameras for entry and exit by permitted parties.

regular safety inspection & facility maintenance 

Weekly facility inspection and monitoring of facility maintenance to ensure the safety and cleaniness of our school.

CCTV Live & recorded view of the facility areas

Our CCTV recordings not only serve to ensure children’s safety but also for us to monitor non-compliance incidents and ensure improvements are implemented and our staff are aligned.

Monitoring of live view for immediate response to safety threats

Vigilant surveillance of children’s activities using the life view of the CCTV  is critical to significantly minimize safety threats to our children and assist our teaching team as their second pair of eyes.

Adherence to Zone Rotation and Sanitization

Adherence to zone rotations where class groups are to move from one zone area to another to allow for zone sanitization and children’s hygiene practices during transition time.

adherence to Classroom safety rules & procedures

Adherence to classroom safety rules includes keeping dangerous supplies out of childrens’ reach, to be alert of potential accidents during activties, to keep learning space organized and clean, and to ensure emergency plans are in-placed when situation arises.

learn & practice personal safety & hygiene

As part of their lessons on life skills, children will learn about personal safety and good hygiene habits by participating in fun and interactive activities. Children will get to apply the life skills with close supervision from our teaching team to instill self-discipline in the children

Emergency Preparedness Practices

Emergency drills are practice situations that help increase the preparedness of our staff and children at our school. The routine emergency practices will remind the staff and children of the safety steps before, during, and after an emergency

We are a nature-inspired preschool and an advocate for “Natural Learning” with educating “the whole child” at the core of our teaching principles. 

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