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Conceived in 2010, Naturekids started its operation in 2013 with a vision to provide a trusted platform for children to build a strong foundation for compassion, honesty, respect, creativity, tolerance, self-confidence, and enthusiasm for learning.

As a school for early childhood, we take our role as caregivers and educators to your child very seriously ensuring that we leave positive imprints on your child’s life and help your child become the best version of him or herself.


Meet Our



Meet Aznida, a mother to 4 young children and the co-owner of Naturekids with a vision for a school where childhood is celebrated and treasured.

With her love for nature and an advocate to the sustainability of our home planet, she set the pathway for Naturekids to integrate the bonding & caring for earth into the school’s curriculum.


Meet Sharmini, one of the main pillars of our school who joined the operation in 2013. She is our Operations Director with more than 25 years of experience in preschool operations.

A person with great patience and commitment, Sharmini consistently earns the trust from the parents, the respects from the staff and love from the students


Meet Navina, our creative Curriculum Director with more than 10 years of developing early childhood curriculum. She is known for her passion for creativity and thinking outside of the box

Navina leads our school curriculum design & quality control focusing on delivering purposeful, engaging play for the children’s fun learning experiences whilst meeting the development milestones

Our Creative Team

important attributes of an early childhood educator 

Along with qualifications, an effective early childhood educator requires many skills and attributes to make a big difference in providing children with enjoyable and effective learning experiences.

These important attributes are patience, compassion, creativity, enthusiasm, flexibility, good listening, good communication skills, and passion for teaching, which we carefully nurtured, motivated, and developed.

collaborative learning environment

To facilitate our team in becoming effective educators, we have developed a learning environment to nurture their creativity in preparing lessons that include the use of technology to collaborate, find references, research, seek guidance, and get reviews & feedback.

The importance of creative teaching

Guided by our curriculum framework, our team is given the skills, and freedom to create interesting lessons that will give students an exciting learning experience. With continuous training and mentoring, we have been able to nurture creativity and develop these quality attributes in our team.

We are proud of our creative team of educators for their relentless effort to push the bar in delivering fun and quality lessons while earning students’ trust, attention, and respect.

our guiding principles

Stimulating "brain wires"

We believe that by removing the academic pressure and allowing children to enjoy simple things such as movement, music, sensory play, engaging with nature, and free play, we are providing children with brain-stimulating activities that are critical to keeping these “brain wires” alive and lay the foundation for future intellectual capacity, memory, problem-solving, language, and even motor capacity.

Cultivate Creativity

We believe that creativity flourishes in cultures where students feel safe and accepted and in atmospheres of enthusiasm, support, and encouragement. Our goal is to cultivate creativity in students by providing opportunities to solicit curiosity and keenness to observe, experiment, ask questions, think outside of the box, and reach out to their imagination.

Play-based Learning

We believe in the power of play-based learning by turning traditional teacher-led classroom lessons into fun games, role play and discoveries for students to learn organically and to be enthusiastic about learning. Our goal is to provide opportunities for students to actively participates in the learning process, and practice their skills while enjoying their learning experience.

compassion for earth

We believe in the importance of cultivating compassion and respect for earth and other living beings on earth to instill in children with the sense of wonder and appreciation that will lead to a sense of connection, instrumental to our children’s growth into becoming the next generation earth steward.

Trusted Care Services

We believe the fundamental importance of earning parents’ trust in the care of their children that can only be fulfilled with our vigilant security & health-related procedures to ensure childrens’ safety, parents’ daily access to information about their children, our well-trained staff, and our good relationship with the parents.

About our


 custom-built sensory lab
educational edible garden
creative book club studio
Outdoor Learning Space with matured Shade trees
open Concept indoor learning space

We are a nature-inspired preschool and an advocate for “Natural Learning” with educating “the whole child” at the core of our teaching principles. 

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