our learning principles

stimulating brain Wires
brain development time window 

Children’s brains develop connections faster in the first five years than at any other time in their lives, the preschool years become a critical time for brain growth and development.

As educators, we have the honor of helping promote proper brain growth and development during this crucial time window.

Let Children Be Children

We believe that by removing the academic pressure and allowing children to enjoy simple things such as movement, music, sensory play, engaging with nature, and free play, we are providing children with brain-stimulating activities that are critical to keeping these “brain wires” alive and lay the foundation for future intellectual capacity, memory, problem-solving, language and even motor capacity. 

brain boosting activities

Sticky, slippery, gooey, icy, colorful, the many sensory stimulations that the children can experience at our custom-designed Sensory Lab. At Naturekids, our designed activities are to encourage children to learn through exploration,  use their imagination, become curious, nurture their creativity, practice their fine motor skills, learn to be independent and socialize 

play-based learning
Learning through play

Through play, children can discover their own interests, abilities, and limitations; they imagine, investigate and explore.

They develop memory skills, build vocabulary, learn new skills and knowledge, and learn to develop positive relationships with adults and other children.

the power of play-based learning

Play-based learning is a method of teaching that emphasizes play as a means to promote children’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development.

We believe in the power of turning teacher-led lessons into fun games, role play, and discoveries for children to learn organically and to be enthusiastic about learning

our play-based learning practices

At Naturekids, we practice different types of play using our unstructured and structured classrooms in both indoor and outdoor settings to maximize the benefits of play-based learning.

The different types of play we practice are free play, inquiry play, collaborative play, playful learning, and learning through games.

compassion for earth
An Advocate for protecting our home planet

We believe that teaching our children to care for the earth is integral to teaching compassion. And as future generations work to combat climate change, the planet’s health will be front and center in our children’s lives.

At Naturekids, we care a great deal about the current and future state of Mother Earth and adopt sustainable living practices to reduce our ecological footprint on Earth. The main value that we want to cultivate in all of our children is to understand what they need to do to live within the means of the planet, to use resources minimally, and to understand the negative impact of our actions on Mother Earth using age-appropriate references.

Play Video

A beautiful video from Frank Gregario

Our Nature ABC Program  Awareness, Bonding & Caring 

Our Nature ABC program is designed to provide awareness of the wonders of the earth and cultivate compassion in children through their participation in bonding and caring activities.

In our biome-theme school terms, children will be introduced to the amazing life that we share our home planet with from 5 main biomes; Tundra, Grassland, Forest, Desert, and Aquatic, covering one biome per term

Our Earth Steward Program

Our goal is to provide sufficient understanding to sow the seed of the next generation of earth stewards. 

The program is designed to provide our 5 & 6-year-old children a deeper understanding of the weather and its effect, the ecosystems, and the threats to the ecosystems’ survival.

Children will have the opportunity to participate in fun team projects, experiments & observations.

Cultivating creative culture
creative journey

Nurturing children’s creativity is the cornerstone of our teaching philosophy. Creativity can only be nurtured when children are encouraged to believe in their own capabilities and provide them with endless possibilities and opportunities to create.

We believe that creativity is a key ingredient for children to learn how to follow their curiosity, solve problems, and make sense of the world.

nurturing imagination

We give children the courage and inspiration to nurture their imagination and creativity and provide them with the capabilities to interpret their imagination in their own way.

From our Creative Minds series, our 5 & 6 years children are provided access to the Book Club facilities, tools, and guidance to become authors of their own stories and to be inspired story makers

STEM Projects : for creative & critical thinking  

Monthly STEM projects with a duration that varies from 1 to 4 weeks will be planned for our 5 & 6 years children. The project is designed for students to experience guided inquiry in which they must ask thoughtful questions, discover answers, apply what they learn, and solve problems creatively. 

Children will explore using different materials and tools in order to discover how something works, and how to build or fix it. We are turning our students into innovators.

We are a nature-inspired preschool and an advocate for “Natural Learning” with educating “the whole child” at the core of our teaching principles. 

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