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delivering trusted care
Home-To-School Transition Program

We understand that familiarity, predictability, and routine can ease young children through the transition stage.

Parents can opt for our home-to-school transition program before staying for the full length of the program. 

Culture of compassion & inclusivity

At Naturekids, it is important for us to ensure that every child feels welcomed, respected, and valued.

By learning to appreciate diversity and foster inclusiveness, our children grow up to be confident, respectful, and compassionate individuals.

building trusting relationship

 Our team is trained to listen, reflect on, and validate a child’s emotions to show that their feelings are important to us, which is essential to developing a trusting relationship.

This involves being genuine in interactions, actively listening, and responding to the needs of the child. 

open & transparent communication
transperancy in our daily care 

At Naturekids, parents are given access to PROCARE child care application to get photos and updates of children’s daily activities and alleviate the anxiety of leaving their children in our care.

open communication

We believe that when parents are allowed open communication with our management and staff, it creates a bond and sense of trust between our team and parents.

Practicing open communication with parents can provide an opportunity to both see their children’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as communicate any issues or worries they may have.

develop effective workforce
clear shared vision and goals

 At Naturekids, we value teamwork and develop collaborative and cooperative efforts to provide children with a safe and nurturing environment.

Our team sets achievable objectives under the supervision of the leader who makes sure that teaching, learning, and care practices are open and can be put into action.

open team communication

Healthy communication ensures that all voices are valued and that there is room for meaningful discussion.

In our work culture, we value each other’s values, beliefs, emotions, and opinions, cooperate in problem-solving, listen actively, and gain wisdom from one another when working together.

Positive Culture

At Naturekids, we believe that successful teams thrive off a positive culture and should embed it across all aspects of the team’s practices.

We practice regular team-building exercises to promote unity and collaboration and encourage thinking outside of the box and new ways of working where requires

We are a nature-inspired preschool and an advocate for “Natural Learning” with educating “the whole child” at the core of our teaching principles. 

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